How to solve Asus A6Va lineout problem - Ubuntu 8.10

Friday, 13.03.2009 | Linux | 4 Kommentare | ubuntu , lineout , asus a6va

Im using Ubuntu 8.10 on my Asus A6Va and there is an Intel HDA Sound Chip installed. To get the right model for this chip you can do following
user@a6va:~$ head -n 1 /proc/asound/card0/codec*
==> /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 <==
Codec: Realtek ALC880
Now we can look at ALSA-Configuration.txt to get all models for ALC880
user@a6va:~$ zless /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz
On Ubuntu 8.10 there are following model's
          3stack        3-jack in back and a headphone out
          3stack-digout 3-jack in back, a HP out and a SPDIF out
          5stack        5-jack in back, 2-jack in front
          5stack-digout 5-jack in back, 2-jack in front, a SPDIF out
          6stack        6-jack in back, 2-jack in front
          6stack-digout 6-jack with a SPDIF out
          w810          3-jack
          z71v          3-jack (HP shared SPDIF)
          asus          3-jack (ASUS Mobo)
          asus-w1v      ASUS W1V
          asus-dig      ASUS with SPDIF out
          asus-dig2     ASUS with SPDIF out (using GPIO2)
          uniwill       3-jack
          fujitsu       Fujitsu Laptops (Pi1536)
          F1734         2-jack
          lg            LG laptop (m1 express dual)
          lg-lw         LG LW20/LW25 laptop
          tcl           TCL S700
          clevo         Clevo laptops (m520G, m665n)
          medion        Medion Rim 2150
          test          for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can be
                        adjusted.  Appearing only when compiled with
          auto          auto-config reading BIOS (default)
For me the z71v worked fine. I've added the following line at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base (Update: In Ubuntu 9.04 it's /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf)
options snd-hda-intel model=z71v position_fix=1
And following at the end of /etc/modules
snd-hda-intel model=z71v position_fix=1
Now reboot and that's it! If z71v doesn't work for you just test a different model. Don't forget that you have to reboot each time!




Monday, 20.04.2009, 21:26

I've got a asus w1v, and have not had a functioning headphone adapter under ubuntu since I installed it 18 months ago... I've tried various solutions, and nothing seemed to work until this. Note: Using "asus-w1v" didn't work (sound works through the speakers, but not though the headphone socket). Instead I've also used "z71v" Now I can finally ditch windows completely :-) Cheers, Dan.


Saturday, 05.12.2009, 20:17

Perfect, it works on my W1V using "z71v" under 9.04. Thanks alot Burak Now I've still got only a non working subwoofer in this notebook.


Wednesday, 13.05.2009, 10:56

you're welcome ;-)


Thursday, 08.01.2009, 12:45

Thanks! Got everything working on my LG LW20 with 9.04.